The Magazine

The Literary Den Magazine is currently in the making and will be available in the future. Below are a number of tasks you can fulfill, as well as general submission guidelines. All submissions will be read and judged, but not all pieces will be published.

Submissions can be sent to literary_mania(at)yahoo(dot)ie with the subject “Magazine Submission”. Submissions should be in Times New Roman font (size 12) or Ariel (size 10), with 1.5 lines spacing and in .doc format.

For a limited time only: Submissions will qualify authors to be in a random draw for a free copy of the Literary Den’s next Anthology of fiction.*

General Submissions

Short shorts/flash fiction – Less than 1000 words.
Short stories – Up to 3000 words.
Articles and reviews – Up to 1500 words, unless stated otherwise. Apply in advance.
Poems – Up to 80 lines
Comic strips – 1 to 6 panels per issue, serial comic strip.



Interview With Darren Shan – Looking for questions for the bestselling children’s author. You can follow these on Twitter with the hashtag #q4shan. Deadline: November 30th.

T&Cs – not every question will be asked of Darren Shan.
– Darren Shan is not obliged to answer every question asked of him; people should be aware that the Literary Den accepts no responsibility for questions not being answered.


Bookshops – Looking for articles/info on bookshops, and how they’re faring during the Recession. Further, photographs of shop fronts are needed for the cover. Deadline: December 7th for application.

*This prize may be withdrawn from the raffle at any time without notice to the public. However, all efforts will be made to ensure that it goes ahead.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 16:48:33

    i love darren shans books so much and i wanted to know who his favourite character was from the demonata saga? Mine would be either Dervish because he’s so cool or Branabus because he died trying to protect the one he loved.
    Thank you, Darren Shan for inspiring me to read and write short stories.


  2. Kelly
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 15:02:11

    Darren Shan is my insperation for writting stories! I love all his books, from the Demonata to the Saga and to his short stories. And I just wanted to know, has he ever though of combining he Demonata and Saga together to make a new series altogether?
    Thanks Mr Shan, your totally awesome and cant wait for your other books of the Demonata to come out!


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