The Forum

Why join the LitDen Forum? Well, the chances are that if you’re here, you have a passion for the written word. This means that we’ve already got something in common – that was easy now wasn’t it?

The Literary Den has an incredibly varied makeup, we have people from the USA, UK, Ireland, China, New Zeland, Australia, Spain, France… the list goes on. This means you’ll get the chance to discuss books, styles, current affairs, and your own work, with a great deal of people from many different backgrounds, meaning you’ll often get to see one topic from many different perspectives.

Our ranks also include members who have spent years devoting themselves to the English language, we have published authors, English teachers and people who’ve spent a great deal of time studying literature. This means that when it comes to helping you out with your own work, we’re pretty well equipped! In addition to these hardened writing veterans, we have a huge number of members who simply thrive on reading and writing for the pleasure of it.

We have a number of Members Only features; ranging from Writing Hints and Tips, Book Reviews and many more that are run through our forum, including Writers Q&A, Literature Debate, Members’ Work Debate and a Reading Group.

So what are you waiting for? Get started and sign up now!

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