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From the Introduction:

It was back in September 2007 (September 14th at 8:17 to be precise) that a certain member of the LitDen forum by the screen-name of “Rainbow Powered Rocket Rabbit” started a thread as such:

“How about we all submit a short story to go into an anthology that we then kinda publish through Lulu? Kinda like a collection of works by some of the creative (and somewhat insane) minds who congregate on the site…”

Within hours, it had become a brilliant idea, and several months later, you hold before you the LitDen Anthology. Fourteen short stories by fourteen authors, all who met using the Bebo social networking site and were united on the LitDen forum. For most, (myself included) this is the first time they have been published. All but three of them are aged between fourteen and nineteen.

For the following months, four editors took on the task of sharing out the work between them on first and second drafts: myself, Sam Priestley, Chris J Stewart and Claire Hack. Then the final drafts came to me for a last run through, and for me to somehow shuffle into a running order. And finally, it is here, our LitDen Anthology.

We chose the Laura Crane Trust as our nominated charity, given that it benefits teenage cancer sufferers in the UK and Ireland. With most of the LitDen being made up of teenagers, this makes it all the more fitting.

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LitDen Anthology

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