Spring Awakening comes to Dublin


So, this post is not going to be about writing at all. I want to talk about “Spring Awakening”, the musical.

Irish Premier at the Helix

The Irish premier launched last week. I went to see it on Friday and it was amazing!!!!! I really didn’t have high expectations as it wasn’t the West End production but one put on by the National Youth Theatre. I had no idea there were so many talented young actors/singers in Ireland. It was a flawless performance (bar a few bum notes here and there) and some of the actors could easily end up in the West End or on Broadway some day (especially the actress who played llse, but I didn’t buy a programme so I don’t know her name). That actress stole the show and in my opinion could have played the lead but she was a bit older than the rest of the cast so I can see why she got the part of the older sister, but still, she was without a doubt the most talented, in my opinion.

The lead girl who played Wendla had some real talent, her rendition of “mama who bore me” was excellent and really set the tone for the entire night. She was a very good actress. The guy who played Melchior was very  good, and he  looked freakishly like Jonathon Groff(who played the lead in the original broadway production) but his singing may have let him down once or twice.  The actor who played Moritz was fantastic. He really drew the crowd in and had an excellent voice. He really helped to enhance the show. As I already mentioned the girl who played llse was unreal. I can’t get over how good she was!!! The actor who played Hanschen probably had the most talent in terms of acting out of the guys, and was hilarious at parts. I’m just picking out a few who stood out to me, but the entire cast was fantastic! I loved the teachers, Wendla’s mother and Melchior’s mother, also the piano teacher(who only had a minor role) was very funny.

They did seem to cast the roles to people who looked like the original broadway cast. I know that was just a coincidence though. The girl who played Wendla looked exactly like Lea michelle and as I’ve already said, the lead looked like Jonathon Groff. However, it was a professional show and the set design was fantastic. The harmonies were excellent and because it was in such a small venue you could really connect with the people on stage. I think the reason why the show didn’t fare very well in the West End is because they tried to make it “too big”. A show like this really needs to be intimate.

There was a standing ovation at the end and even now, three days later, I’m still in awe. It was the best show I’ve ever gone to see and if I had money coming out of my pores I’d go see it every night until it closes at the end of this week. The cast and crew should be so proud of what they have achieved and I hope there is a demand for the show to run for a much longer period than just one week.

Brendan Mcl


Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not dead

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So, it’s been a while. Yes, it has.

Summer has been hectic, kinda crap, but busy. I have my heart firmly set on college now and I cannot wait until I start back. I was going to transfer into just law, but at the twelfth hour i decided to stick with my course. So i’m still going to be studying law with some economics on top of it, but economics isn’t that bad, i guess. Plus, I’ve been told it’s better to have a multi-disciplinary degree.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the leaving cert and offers lately. A lot of my friends will be starting college this year and it was interesting to see how they reacted to their results. Obviously, some were delighted and others were upset but the interesting crowd to me were the people who actually managed to convince themselves that they “could have” gotten 600 points if they had have been “bothered” to study. I’m sorry, but it really annoys me when people say “oh i could have gotten well over 500 points but I just didn’t study”. Well of course anyone can get 600 points if they study hard enough, it’s kinda how the entire system works. You study, and depending on how much you study and how hard you work you get a set amount of points reflecting said study. Fact.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’m driving! Yes, the roads of Dublin are no longer safe. I finally bit the bullet and bought a car and got my insurance sorted. It’s taken me two years but it’s done now. I was one of those people who got their provisional the day they turned 17, took lessons and then never drove. But now I do drive, a lot. I’ve noticed how little the police care about learner drivers. I drive a lot without a fully licensed driver, and have driven past the police about 20 times in the past week, and they just don’t care. But we knew that already.

So, that’s been my life. I’ve finished up working for the summer and I now have a car. I can’t wait until college starts back!! Also, I’m really excited about a show I’m going to see in a few weeks. “Spring Awakening” is coming to Ireland. It’s a multi-award winning musical and it better be amazing or i’ll be pissed!!!

Brendan McL


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Every once in a while something happens to us that makes everything else seem so unimportant. It grabs on like a leech and will not release us until we have acknowledged its importance. Time slows down and life just becomes a blur, a tangled mess of nothingness. Life is fragile, the blink of an eye can be so momentous but it isn’t until afterwards that we realise it. They say hindsight is twenty:twenty, well so is foresight.

 I guess we’re supposed to see it coming; the accidents, illness, even death. But we never do, we sit around hoping that all the bad stuff will simply bypass us, we think that we are immune from the hardships of life until they eventually catch up with us.

It feels like I have been wearing goggles which have fogged up. I’m just waiting for them to clear so I can absorb the enormity of the situation

Ok, pull the tiller towards you…No! I said TOWARDS you!!!!!

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Hey all, I’m really sorry that this post is late and that i missed my last post but everything has been so hectic lately. I also forgot to submit my story for the first challenge, but there’s nothing I can do about that now… sorry Paul

So as the title suggests, this post is going to be about sailing. I work as a sailing instructor during the summer, which is handy money and well the work isn’t exactly difficult. Basically, I am a glorified babysitter, simple as. I mind snotty children all day but I don’t mind, hell, I WAS one of those children once.

The only part of my job that I don’t like is that I have to constantly repeat myself. I ask a kid to point up and they bear away, I tell them to tack and they gybe. Some of them don’t know their right from their left. But the most annoying sentence that I sometimes have to repeat over and over and over is “Pull your tiller towards you”… no matter how many times you explain to them what that means, they’ll still push the tiller away!!!!!! UGH!!!”!

The weather has been fantastic though, and I am instructing a more advanced level this summer so thankfully I haven’t had to shout too much. I’m working with my best friends but I never have time for anything else. It’s work, eat, go out/go home, sleep. I never feel quite as tired as I do when I’m instructing. It just knocks the juice out of you. Literally, most nights when I get home I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. That’s if i do go home. We tend to go out an awful lot.. it’s not healthy.

Also, I bought my ticket for oxegen on Saturday. I can’t wait!!! I think it’s going to be one of the best weekends ever!!!

Well, I’m shattered so I think I’ll leave it at that. Until next time.

Brendan McL

Summer Has Begun…


The stress of exams is finally behind me and I can look forward to a fun-filled summer. Summer 2K9 was good but this year is going to be AMAZING. (on a side note….what are people calling 2010? I didn’t like the whole 2k9 thing but they’re hardly calling this year 2k10??)

I say it’s going to be a great summer, and it will be, as long as I don’t have to sit any repeats in August … but I don’t think I will. Fingers crossed!

This blog is just going to consist of what I’ll be doing this summer. So here we go –

It’s starting out pretty quiet. The big news in the McLoughlin household is that my brother is leaving next week to go travelling for a year. South East Asia for a few weeks and then he’s on to Australia. I don’t think I’ll miss him much, but I will definitely miss all the money he gives me … he’s a generous brother. I have warned him though that I better not see him in an episode of ‘Banged up Abroad’ next year. I’m deadly serious about this, it would not surprise me if something like that happened.

A week after my brother’s departure I will start working for the summer. I’m a sailing instructor and I was really lucky to get a good amount of work over the next three months. I do hope the weather stays nice this year because for the last couple of years our summer’s have been pretty wet and windy.  What I’m looking forward to most is the nights out – instructor sessions are the best!

Then at the end of June I’ll be heading down to Roscommon for a weekend to stay with a friend from college. A few of us are heading down, we just don’t want to lose touch over the summer. I’ve never been to Roscommon, in fact, in terms of my travel experience in Ireland, I’ve hardly ventured outside of Dublin … shameful I know.

The rest of the summer will include work, a lot of work, as I really want to end the summer with a good bit of money to a) pay my rent next year and b) pay for my going out. I’ll also be editing my novel because I really want to have it streamlined and ready to be sent off to agents by September. I’ll be going house hunting in August with my friends from college. I’ve been having second thoughts about moving out this year as there has been a few unexpected events which have put a downer on the year but I’ve been told by my parents that I should do it anyway if that’s what i want. And i think i will. There’s also Oxygen, but I might end up giving that a miss.

So, this summer is going to be, i feel, one of the best summer’s ever! I’m going to write lots, work hard, and just have fun! What’s everyone else getting up to?


Hung Parliaments and Exams: people stress out for no reason


So I think it’s my turn to blog, even though i know i made a nuts of the system last week….but time to put it all back on track i think

So, although I don’t live in the United Kingdom, I’ve been keeping up to date on the general election there for the last couple of weeks. Now it’s happened, and the results are in

There’s a hung parliament and the entire world seems to be going crazy about it. I don’t understand, an extremely large proportion of countries are run by coalition governments and it works out fine. I think the ‘first past the post’ system is stupid as it is a horribly unfair system. The lib dems got 8 million votes and only 57 seats while labour got 10 million votes and 258 seats. How can that be fair? Before the election I was a Cameron supporter so I do hope that the Lib Dems and the Conservative’s reach an agreement but I think Nick Clegg shouldn’t settle for anything less than a radical change in the electoral system. PR is much fairer and i think it’s the only way forward for the UK.

What’s struck me most though is the worry amongst political broadcasters and politicians about the Hung Parliament. I don’t understand it… It’s time for them to move on. In this day and age the country does not need a single party government to provide a strong and stable parliament.

On to exams:

Pulling the hair out

Yes, they are extremely difficult and stressful times for people, but they are only exams. They’re not the end of the world.  I’ve just started studying for my exams and while I know that I’m horribly unprepared, I’m not worried because with a bit of study I’ll be fine. I remember the leaving cert and how stressed out I let myself become for no real reason. At the end of the day, you get what you get and there’s no point crying over spilt milk

So this week has been a worrying week for many. Exams and Hung parliaments, ya know by the way some people are talking you’d think the four horsemen of the apocalypse were on their way

We all need to relax a bit and take solas in the fact that the summer is on the way!!

On a completely separate note, I’m moving out in September!! I am sick of spending hours going to college and hours coming home everyday. So along with some friends, I’m renting a house beside DCU for the next college year. I can’t wait. I’ve noticed that you just don’t get the full college experience when you spend more time on the bus than you do on campus. I’ve spent a lot of time around DCU over the last couple of weeks and it’s been completely different. I’ve had so much fun. I’ll be closer to the city so taxi’s home from nights out will be a lot cheaper and i can get up twenty minutes before a lecture instead of having to get up 3 hours before. I am afraid that my alcohol consumption will shoot up, but hey, you’re only young once.

If Elmo has thought be nothing else...

I think I’m all outa news!


Busy busy busy….


I know it’s not my turn to blog so sorry if this messes the whole thing up….but as Paul C mentioned in his blog on saturday, things have been really slow lately.

Ok, so i have been quite busy…I’m in my final week of lectures and I have to say I am absolutely devastated that the college year is almost over. Remember when you were in secondary school and all you ever looked forward to was the summer holidays? Well for once I feel the exact opposite, I mean, I will be happy when the summer arrives and I start sailing and working again but I know I’ll be counting down the days until I’m back in college.

Now, on a happy note, I won a SMedia award last wednesday!! The Smedias are the national student media awards in Ireland. The ceremony was held in the mansion house with Catherine Thomas and DaithÍ O’Sea presenting. Such a fun night. DCU won a third of the awards and was the most successful college on the night. I picked up the ‘best radio production – News and Current affairs’ with three friends from my course. We present the wednesday addition of ‘Newswire’ on DCUfm. Couldn’t believe that we won. We were the only first years in the catagory and apparently winning a Smedia is quite a big deal if you wanna go into the media industry after college – something i am starting to look into

Us with our award...the guy second from the right was presenting it to us

That’s a pic of us with our award.

Also, I can’t blog without mentioning Glee…Did anyone see the Madonna episode?? It was the best hour of television I have ever seen in my life!! Sue…Singing!!!! Vogue??!!! The show really hasn’t lost any of it’s magic

There’s the Vogue vid ^^^

Anyway, I think I’m all out of news, life has just been so hectic lately, and my exams start in a few weeks so i’ll be hitting the books until mid May!!

Brendan McL

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