…then I was petrified. I spent a whole week on the camera without you by my side. Thought I’d always be alone, thought the book wouldn’t get done but I was wrong.

Actually, what’s wrong is that opening. Last week, I missed my spot. I said I would. I was tired, on the fifth day of putting together a book in a week. However, I managed to complete it. Balor Reborn is now published, after an exhausting week of writing, editing and whatnot.

You would think my summer activities would be complete after that, but no. I have a blog tour under-way this week with the other writing group I’m part of (yes, I’m two-timing the Den) and I’m in the midst of planning the sequels to Balor Reborn. Also, I’m getting ready to visit a haunted castle.

Actually, that’s non-specific. It’s actually the most haunted castle in the world, and I’m bringing brownies. You can tell that I’m clearly a professional paranormal investigator because I bring home-made brownies. We don’t expect to see much ghostly activity, but it should be fun, anyway. We also don’t expect to sleep. In fact, we’re banking on not sleeping. At all.

See how I managed to make that title specific to two things at once? Not bad for an outrageously tired writer. I’ve just come off three days’ working, almost two weeks’ writing and two hours baking. It’s close to midnight, and yes: I almost forgot to post today. These things do happen when life takes the turns it does.

Anyway, this is merely me writing for the sake of it. I have things going on, but I feel it’s always right to honour your obligations. Even if your eyeballs do hate you for it at the end of the day. Hopefully next week I’ll actually be able to do more than just spout out words.