I write creepy stuff. If you hadn’t already noticed… Well, you’ve not been paying attention, have you?

I like dark, macabre, spooky things. Things that will disturb and unsettle. Getting the ideas for this kind of thing is easy, you just haven to read the papers on a daily basis and you’ll have plenty of ammunition to prove people suck. Channel this suckiness into art (“Make good art!” Neil Gaiman’s recently impressed on the world. He’s right, as he usually is.) and you have horror. Or dark fantasy. Or science fiction with a dark, horror twist. That’s the easy bit.

But how do you write without going mad?

Poe said he suffered from insanity, with terrible periods of sanity. Perhaps this is par for a writer, but I’d rather not be locked up as a nut-job just yet. How to avoid it? Don’t get caught find a way to channel your energy.

Everyone finds their own thing; my thing is music. I listen to heavy metal, a lot. This is good, head banging is extremely good for getting rid of pent up aggression in a mosh pit. The lyrics and mood of the songs are good, too. But that’s okay for violence. But what about the scary, generally creepy stuff? Well, I’d been struggling until recently when I discovered a new artist to listen to. Her name is Charlotte Eriksson, she plays under the name The Glass Child. You can find her here.

Her music is decidedly creepy, heartfelt and soulful. Her voice is unique, and certainly not to everyone’s taste. But then, neither is Evile or Slayer or Jessie J or Eminem. You like what you like, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Listening to Charlotte’s music is really useful to me. It helps me relax. It puts me in the right creepy mood, almost melancholy, but not quite, to be able to write creepy, scary scenes without the violence. This is what I was looking for.

I’ve not had chance to see her play live yet, but I fully intend to. In the meantime, here’s her official video for her single I’ll Never Tell, which showcases a pair of fantastic dancers, Enza and Francesco Cara.

We all have ghosts and scars, they are a theme which runs in my writing and Charlotte’s music. I’m going to be blogging fairly regularly on Friday nights. I hope Fridays will be the dark, creepy day on the LitDen Blog, full of creepy shadows and ghosts and scars. I want to explore the darkness, and I’d like you to come with me. Don’t be afraid, I’ll hold your hand.

In the meantime, what music do you listen to that puts you in the right zone for writing? Do you have playlists for your stories, to go with the action? Or just a general theme for whatever you’re working on at the time?