So, this post is not going to be about writing at all. I want to talk about “Spring Awakening”, the musical.

Irish Premier at the Helix

The Irish premier launched last week. I went to see it on Friday and it was amazing!!!!! I really didn’t have high expectations as it wasn’t the West End production but one put on by the National Youth Theatre. I had no idea there were so many talented young actors/singers in Ireland. It was a flawless performance (bar a few bum notes here and there) and some of the actors could easily end up in the West End or on Broadway some day (especially the actress who played llse, but I didn’t buy a programme so I don’t know her name). That actress stole the show and in my opinion could have played the lead but she was a bit older than the rest of the cast so I can see why she got the part of the older sister, but still, she was without a doubt the most talented, in my opinion.

The lead girl who played Wendla had some real talent, her rendition of “mama who bore me” was excellent and really set the tone for the entire night. She was a very good actress. The guy who played Melchior was very  good, and he  looked freakishly like Jonathon Groff(who played the lead in the original broadway production) but his singing may have let him down once or twice.  The actor who played Moritz was fantastic. He really drew the crowd in and had an excellent voice. He really helped to enhance the show. As I already mentioned the girl who played llse was unreal. I can’t get over how good she was!!! The actor who played Hanschen probably had the most talent in terms of acting out of the guys, and was hilarious at parts. I’m just picking out a few who stood out to me, but the entire cast was fantastic! I loved the teachers, Wendla’s mother and Melchior’s mother, also the piano teacher(who only had a minor role) was very funny.

They did seem to cast the roles to people who looked like the original broadway cast. I know that was just a coincidence though. The girl who played Wendla looked exactly like Lea michelle and as I’ve already said, the lead looked like Jonathon Groff. However, it was a professional show and the set design was fantastic. The harmonies were excellent and because it was in such a small venue you could really connect with the people on stage. I think the reason why the show didn’t fare very well in the West End is because they tried to make it “too big”. A show like this really needs to be intimate.

There was a standing ovation at the end and even now, three days later, I’m still in awe. It was the best show I’ve ever gone to see and if I had money coming out of my pores I’d go see it every night until it closes at the end of this week. The cast and crew should be so proud of what they have achieved and I hope there is a demand for the show to run for a much longer period than just one week.

Brendan Mcl