Remember when I said I was going to attempt writing a novel in 5 weeks? Yeah… not quite managed that one. I’ve written a couple of pages though, so that’s a start, and I have also done something I have never done before. I’ve outlined the plot beforehand. In other words, I have actually thought through what this story is going to be and where it’s headed before I’ve written a single line. This a bit of a departure for me, but then, I do have the sense that this novel will be… not my usual sort. Maybe I should get a pen name…Maybe I should write my chaotic ‘me’ books under my own name and my ‘thought through and methodical’ books under another…

Went to see a brilliant production of Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter the other night. I haven’t been to much theatre in a while, mainly because there’s very little on I want to see, but this reminded me just how much I love it when it’s good. We have three theatres all together in the centre of Sheffield, and I’m constantly amazed by how much crap they put on. The Dumb Waiter was the exception. Spanking new theatre company Chief Theatre impressed me in a way I haven’t been impressed since Matthew Rhys stood in front of me in a room no bigger than my living room and worked his way through Simon Bent’s The Associate.

But I’m going to say more about that (The Dumb Waiter, not Matthew Rhys in The Associate… unless anyone wants to hear about Matthew Rhys in The Associate) and them (Chief Theatre) in a couple of weeks, probably over on my other blog, when I’ve been to see John Simm playing Hamlet…so I can include that too.

Other than that I have mainly been talking to small dogs, flogging short stories, though, unfortunately not writing nearly enough of them, and eating Indian food.