I’m on holiday (for those who hadn’t noticed!) so my post is gonna be short and sweet this week.

I’m in Scarborough, the weather has been a little rough but did turn to sun again today. I spent today trawling Bridlington, and tomorrow’s escapades shall be over the cobbles of Whitby, which I’m looking forward to.

This is a writing holiday, haven’t got much writing done, but am getting some really good ideas for full stories. One involves a brother and sister, green devilish eyes stalking them, and a little black magic perhaps. I’m also moving forward with ideas for one of my three planned novel-length works. It’s the ‘paramedics-in-space’ idea. Through being beside the sea, watching the harbours work, and also catching up with Helicopter Heroes in BBC1/iPlayer, I’m getting the right patterns evolving in my head for the functioning parts of the novel.

On a side note, do check out HH if you can. It chronicles the excellent work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, a charity I support myself. Great for me to watch, as I know (and have worked) with several of the doctors and paramedics on the program myself. I first met Colin Jones as a trainer, when he taught my first proper First Aid Course the week before he started with the ambulance service training to be a full paramedic. He went on to become a brilliant paramedic, now flies on the air ambulance, and taught me most of my own ambulance medic skills. When I proudly say that I was trained by the best, I mean it.

Anyway, I’m rambling. And Internet is a little hit and miss out here in the wilds, so I’ll see you all around.