I was going to write a ’10 things you didn’t know about me’ blog, which I’ve seen done on other blogs, but it seems a bit ‘me me me’. Anyway, as I began writing the 10 things you didn’t know about me I found that a, I couldn’t get past 4 and some people would already know even those and b, it all made me sound completely mad, and bored me when I read back these stupid useless facts about me.

1, I used to write short stories for Take a Break Fiction Feast, but decided it wasn’t the kind of fiction I wanted to write, which was stupid of me as they paid better than any writing job I’ve had since. – This is actually the most interesting of the things you probably didn’t know about me.

2, I have a rib missing or I am deformed in some way in the rib department. I never even noticed this until a boyfriend pointed it out to me when I was about 15. I still don’t know what is going on with my weird ribcage or why I never knew there was anything odd about it – you’d think I’d know if I had a rib missing or was born with an odd shaped ribcage or something…

3, When I can’t sleep I try counting American states in my head, but never get much past 20.

4, I have a problem with any kind of rubbish or wrappers being in contact with used plates, cups or cutlery. If this happens I can’t touch the items and have to get someone else to come and move them… – one or two people will already know this.

Now, I was reading Sarah Pinborough’s blog, as I often do, and in it she says twitter, blogging, facebook, and all that stuff, is full of a bunch of people just going on about themselves all the time and no one really wants to know what they had for tea and what their dog’s called. She has a point. But as writers and musicians and artists and actors and film makers, we are in a difficult position with this. Agents and publishers now insist that you use twitter and facebook and regularly update your blog. Even if you don’t have an agent or a publisher most understand why we need to do all this. If you don’t do it, someone else will, and that someone else is then getting the attention you could be getting. It may make you feel as if you’re banging on about yourself too much sometimes and can even make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but if you don’t blog and tweet you are being left behind. So, while I only came up with 4 useless facts about me (there are obviously loads more, but none that I’m willing to share just yet), and they are lame, I’m using the excuse that I have to do it.