Every once in a while something happens to us that makes everything else seem so unimportant. It grabs on like a leech and will not release us until we have acknowledged its importance. Time slows down and life just becomes a blur, a tangled mess of nothingness. Life is fragile, the blink of an eye can be so momentous but it isn’t until afterwards that we realise it. They say hindsight is twenty:twenty, well so is foresight.

 I guess we’re supposed to see it coming; the accidents, illness, even death. But we never do, we sit around hoping that all the bad stuff will simply bypass us, we think that we are immune from the hardships of life until they eventually catch up with us.

It feels like I have been wearing goggles which have fogged up. I’m just waiting for them to clear so I can absorb the enormity of the situation