You know you’ve nothing good to talk about when you start talking about Justin Bieber. Let’s make this point clear: I don’t like the guy. Okay, that’s not entirely true, because I don’t know the guy. But I don’t appreciate his music, his career, or his fangirls. He sounds like a child, he looks like a child, and he might end up in North Korea. I don’t know yet. However, I don’t think he knew, until it was explained to him, that North Korea is bad. He didn’t know what Germany was, after all.

And trust me, it gets worse. Not only does he not know what Germany is, and not only does he sound and look like a child, there’s a biography of him. I think you can imagine already, it’s not that great. I haven’t read it, but I know by looking at it. It’s very thin, filled with pictures and, of course, he’s sixteen. He has a “career” in music, but that’s it. That’s all there is to Justin Bieber.

That’s not even the worst part. Someone came into my shop asking about – wait for it – the Justin Bieber magazine. A magazine! What? Seriously? He can’t do very much interesting that there’s a whole magazine about him! A hate magazine might have material in it, yes, but not one that’s Pro-Bieber. Seriously, folks, this is not cool. I have been educated in cool. Bieber is not cool. Fact.

In other news (News? Pah!), I had a lot of cards to go through today. Greeting Cards, I mean. 1026 of them. I had to firstly make sure they were all there, then I had to sort them into their different types. Following that came the removing of them from their bundles of six, and the labelling. Of 1026 cards. Some of which had glitter. I’m so glad my birthday isn’t for another few months so I don’t have to receive a card. (On that note: Happy 21st Birthday Paul B!) Okay, Christmas is actually before my birthday… but I like Christmas. I make it my goal to get cards for all my friends and write personalised messages in them. It’s fun!

As the title suggests: mass hatred. This is actually my attempt at a pun… see, it’s hatred of mass, and hatred en masse. I’ll start with the first one… I was having a deep debate about the Church with a co-worker’s sister/sister-in-law on Facebook the other night, as you do, and we’ve come to the conclusion that (a) people don’t go to mass anymore and (b) the Catholic Church needs to give women more power, or it risks collapsing. As to the other hatred…

Meath. That more or less does it for anyone in Ireland. They know what I’m talking about. Meath are fast becoming known by everyone as a cheating county. Even people who don’t care about Gaelic football give out about Meath. For those of you who aren’t aware of what happened… there was a “bit” of a problem when Meath’s Joe Sheridan scored a goal that led to Meath’s victory over Louth in the Leinster Senior Cup Final. The goal was “controversial.” From what I can tell from watching it (over and over and over again) it can be deemed a fair goal. Except that people would prefer it not to be. People are strange… I think the Irish just like controversy. After the whole “Tierry Henry is a cheating French b*****d” debacle, we’re on the lookout for more cheaters in sport.
Poor Joe Sheridan. Poor Meath. Okay, I feel sorry for Louth because they lost, but the people of Meath are getting a load of stick over this. I’ve a mate from Meath who’s still receiving abuse about it. And it was last Sunday. Thankfully he’s the sort of person who can return such abuse, but even still, it’s not fair on residents of Meath.

I think that’s me done… as you can tell, I’m not really in writing mode at the moment. This is what happens when I write ridiculous amounts of fiction. In three weeks I wrote in the region of 45K words, lost a bit of sleep over other things (including drunken phone calls, which are hilarious!) and have been going on a few adventures (including a BBQ at a lecturer’s house – we know his son quite well – and a trip to the museum). Sleepy Paul is Sleepy. 1026 stickers don’t help that. So, I bid you adieu.