The stress of exams is finally behind me and I can look forward to a fun-filled summer. Summer 2K9 was good but this year is going to be AMAZING. (on a side note….what are people calling 2010? I didn’t like the whole 2k9 thing but they’re hardly calling this year 2k10??)

I say it’s going to be a great summer, and it will be, as long as I don’t have to sit any repeats in August … but I don’t think I will. Fingers crossed!

This blog is just going to consist of what I’ll be doing this summer. So here we go –

It’s starting out pretty quiet. The big news in the McLoughlin household is that my brother is leaving next week to go travelling for a year. South East Asia for a few weeks and then he’s on to Australia. I don’t think I’ll miss him much, but I will definitely miss all the money he gives me … he’s a generous brother. I have warned him though that I better not see him in an episode of ‘Banged up Abroad’ next year. I’m deadly serious about this, it would not surprise me if something like that happened.

A week after my brother’s departure I will start working for the summer. I’m a sailing instructor and I was really lucky to get a good amount of work over the next three months. I do hope the weather stays nice this year because for the last couple of years our summer’s have been pretty wet and windy.  What I’m looking forward to most is the nights out – instructor sessions are the best!

Then at the end of June I’ll be heading down to Roscommon for a weekend to stay with a friend from college. A few of us are heading down, we just don’t want to lose touch over the summer. I’ve never been to Roscommon, in fact, in terms of my travel experience in Ireland, I’ve hardly ventured outside of Dublin … shameful I know.

The rest of the summer will include work, a lot of work, as I really want to end the summer with a good bit of money to a) pay my rent next year and b) pay for my going out. I’ll also be editing my novel because I really want to have it streamlined and ready to be sent off to agents by September. I’ll be going house hunting in August with my friends from college. I’ve been having second thoughts about moving out this year as there has been a few unexpected events which have put a downer on the year but I’ve been told by my parents that I should do it anyway if that’s what i want. And i think i will. There’s also Oxygen, but I might end up giving that a miss.

So, this summer is going to be, i feel, one of the best summer’s ever! I’m going to write lots, work hard, and just have fun! What’s everyone else getting up to?