“You alright?”

“Yeah, fine. What’s up? You got some news?”

“Yeah… well, I was just waiting, see, did you get my email? ‘Cause you are usually quick to reply and it was, like, last Tuesday when I sent it, so I was wondering…”

“Erm… I replied to everything I got… I think. What was it?”

“You know I said there were some last suggestions and then you said ok and so I sent that, but I haven’t heard back from you.”

“No… no, wait, I went through that and replied, I’m sure, but let me check.”

“Ok, I’ll have another look, and you check too.”

My phone is a heartbeat today.



“How’s it going?”

“Fine. How’s life as a dad? How’s … the baby?”

“Yeah, it’s good. She cries when she’s not supposed to.”

“Yeah, she will do.”

“So, anyway, just one or two things… there’s just that one line, remember? If you could come up with something better there, then, as far as the edit goes, we’re there.”

“That’s it? We’re done? Really?”

“Yeah, I think so, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m happy.”

“… then, there’s just your punctuation.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Ok, good. And the synopsis is fine now, so that’s it.”

“Brilliant. Good.”

“So, if you could get together that list we talked about, maybe tomorrow, I have everything I need.”

“Will do.”

“Everything else ok?”


I fix that one line and text it to him.
I go out and eat tapas and get drunk.