What’s that, outside the window?

Tapping, scraping at the glass.

No, I can’t see it properly.

You go look.

You scared to? Wuss.

It’s in the room, behind the curtains.

Because I know it is. I can hear it. The curtains are moving!

I’m not getting out of bed. You’re nearer the window than me.

Hold on, it’s not there.

The curtains ain’t moving anymore. I can see, all right?

No, I’ve lost it. Ssh.

Over there. Inside the wardrobe.

I told you to shut the door properly.

No, you were last in.

Quiet! The door just moved.

No way, nuh-uh.

It’s opening wider! Yes it is!

Did you hear that?


The door moved again.

She’s downstairs, she’ll never hear us.

I’m not doing it, you do it.

Because it might make it angry, that’s why.

I dunno, it just will.

Wait, the door’s open wide now.

No, I can’t either.


Yeah, I heard it.

Down there. No there.

Near the desk.

Can you see it?

Me neither.

Wait, I’m gonna try.

Oh oh oh no way no way no WAY!

No way! Yeah. No!



I think.

It’s under my bed.

Can you see it?

Don’t, please don’t.

Don’t, I said.

You won’t see it, okay?

Get back into bed.


No, don’t.

Please, don’t look.

Can you see…?


What can you see?

What can you…?

Are you even listening?

Are you there?



Are you under there?

Stop it, now.

I don’t like this.

Stoppit you’re scaring me!

Come out now.

Yes, come out.

Come out now.

Yeah, I’m really sure.

Yes, I’m really, really sure!

Just come out from under the bed.

Please, do it.

Get up.


Please get up.

What are you standing there for?

Get back into bed.

No, get back into bed.

Your bed, not mine!

Why are you just standing there?

Stop creeping me out, okay?

Why would you wanna hold my hand?

If I let you hold my hand, will you get back into bed?

Okay, if you really wanna.


That’s it. Now get into bed.

Ow, stop squeezing.

Ouch, that hurts! Let go now.

I said let go!


Stop using that silly voice.

No, you sound like you’ve got your head under the covers.

All muffled like.

Oh, if you must.

Cuddle up to me.

There, you sleep that side.

Why are you staring at me?

I can see your eyes, you’re staring at me.

Why are you staring at me?

What are you doing?

Ew, your breath stinks!

Careful, you’re nails are sharp.


You’re cold, really cold.



That’s why your voice sounds all funny.

You’re still under the bed, aren’t you?

You’re still under the bed.


Just a little something I cooked up. Hope you like it.