So I think it’s my turn to blog, even though i know i made a nuts of the system last week….but time to put it all back on track i think

So, although I don’t live in the United Kingdom, I’ve been keeping up to date on the general election there for the last couple of weeks. Now it’s happened, and the results are in

There’s a hung parliament and the entire world seems to be going crazy about it. I don’t understand, an extremely large proportion of countries are run by coalition governments and it works out fine. I think the ‘first past the post’ system is stupid as it is a horribly unfair system. The lib dems got 8 million votes and only 57 seats while labour got 10 million votes and 258 seats. How can that be fair? Before the election I was a Cameron supporter so I do hope that the Lib Dems and the Conservative’s reach an agreement but I think Nick Clegg shouldn’t settle for anything less than a radical change in the electoral system. PR is much fairer and i think it’s the only way forward for the UK.

What’s struck me most though is the worry amongst political broadcasters and politicians about the Hung Parliament. I don’t understand it… It’s time for them to move on. In this day and age the country does not need a single party government to provide a strong and stable parliament.

On to exams:

Pulling the hair out

Yes, they are extremely difficult and stressful times for people, but they are only exams. They’re not the end of the world.ย  I’ve just started studying for my exams and while I know that I’m horribly unprepared, I’m not worried because with a bit of study I’ll be fine. I remember the leaving cert and how stressed out I let myself become for no real reason. At the end of the day, you get what you get and there’s no point crying over spilt milk

So this week has been a worrying week for many. Exams and Hung parliaments, ya know by the way some people are talking you’d think the four horsemen of the apocalypse were on their way

We all need to relax a bit and take solas in the fact that the summer is on the way!!

On a completely separate note, I’m moving out in September!! I am sick of spending hours going to college and hours coming home everyday. So along with some friends, I’m renting a house beside DCU for the next college year. I can’t wait. I’ve noticed that you just don’t get the full college experience when you spend more time on the bus than you do on campus. I’ve spent a lot of time around DCU over the last couple of weeks and it’s been completely different. I’ve had so much fun. I’ll be closer to the city so taxi’s home from nights out will be a lot cheaper and i can get up twenty minutes before a lecture instead of having to get up 3 hours before. I am afraid that my alcohol consumption will shoot up, but hey, you’re only young once.

If Elmo has thought be nothing else...

I think I’m all outa news!