I know it’s not my turn to blog so sorry if this messes the whole thing up….but as Paul C mentioned in his blog on saturday, things have been really slow lately.

Ok, so i have been quite busy…I’m in my final week of lectures and I have to say I am absolutely devastated that the college year is almost over. Remember when you were in secondary school and all you ever looked forward to was the summer holidays? Well for once I feel the exact opposite, I mean, I will be happy when the summer arrives and I start sailing and working again but I know I’ll be counting down the days until I’m back in college.

Now, on a happy note, I won a SMedia award last wednesday!! The Smedias are the national student media awards in Ireland. The ceremony was held in the mansion house with Catherine Thomas and DaithÍ O’Sea presenting. Such a fun night. DCU won a third of the awards and was the most successful college on the night. I picked up the ‘best radio production – News and Current affairs’ with three friends from my course. We present the wednesday addition of ‘Newswire’ on DCUfm. Couldn’t believe that we won. We were the only first years in the catagory and apparently winning a Smedia is quite a big deal if you wanna go into the media industry after college – something i am starting to look into

Us with our award...the guy second from the right was presenting it to us

That’s a pic of us with our award.

Also, I can’t blog without mentioning Glee…Did anyone see the Madonna episode?? It was the best hour of television I have ever seen in my life!! Sue…Singing!!!! Vogue??!!! The show really hasn’t lost any of it’s magic

There’s the Vogue vid ^^^

Anyway, I think I’m all out of news, life has just been so hectic lately, and my exams start in a few weeks so i’ll be hitting the books until mid May!!

Brendan McL