I figured a rather ambiguous title like that might be a bit easier than trying to summarise everything in the post into a few short words; silence is following us, and then getting shouted at. By us, I mean the Den, and my group of friends in this common phenomenon called ‘real life’. I’ll get down to official business later, but for now… well, I’ve had a couple of crazy weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, the Monday before the volcano went boom, I went to the cinema to see… a movie… I can’t quite remember which one… which doesn’t help, I’ll admit. That might have been when I went to see The Ghost. Or I saw that the Friday afterwards. My mind’s a blur. Great movie, though, following the story of a ghostwriter (one reason I enjoyed it so much in the first place!) as he becomes involved in a story he’s not all that keen on – politics, with a shady past *insert thunder and dramatic music here*. The Tuesday afterwards, I went to see OneRepublic. Now, one thing the cinema and a concert have in common is the silence beforehand, and immediately afterwards. Cinemas in particular are quiet when you first enter; concerts tend to have some sort of music before the band comes on, but outside the venue.. silence. And when you leave.. deafness.

Then the volcano erupted.

My parents got stuck in Rome. Fun, I know. We had a house to ourselves. Terrifying stuff, when all my friends want to invite themselves over, and I just want to make sure the house is clean because anyone could come to house at any time… including my parents. We literally had no idea when they’d be home (thankfully, they’re back now, picking out pictures for a 21st birthday they missed when they were away… their oldest son. Classy.

Moving onwards and upwards, and backwards and multilaterally, we reach the Den. People who follow this blog will have noticed something: Paul B and Brendan both forgot to write a post. Not to worry. I’m here to be loud again. No more silence for a few weeks. But I might forget at some stage in the future. I have dreaded end of year exams coming up… it won’t be fun. Not one bit.

Other silences in the Den… well, the major one worth pointing out is the lack of activity on the forum. Where did everyone go? (okay, I understand that it’s easier for a lot of people to just comment on the blog… that’s okay too, assuming we don’t forget to post…)

I’m sort of sick of silence at this stage. Joblessness sucks. Yes, another man insight into my life. Thankfully, college wasn’t boring on Thursday; we had a bouncy castle and a big slide, and then some burns to show home much fun we had. I received a particularly bad burn when I tried to stop something throwing me from the top of the slide…by wrapping my arms around his leg. He still threw me, and I ended up with my arm stuck underneath him… That hurt…

And now another silence… You see, I’ve pretyy much forgotten anything else I wanted to say. I wasn’t even intending on posting this blog here, but I can’t remember what I had wanted to say initially. Oh well. Enjoy the few days of silence before Andy posts… or just go crazy and leave a few comments about anything you want (or specifically Lost, Heroes, Doctor Who or Glee – I love those shows!)