I’m not gonna blather on about the World Horror Convention too much, suffice it to say it was a brilliant weekend and I really enjoyed myself. I’m pretty sure Claire did, too. The smile on her face when John Ajvide Lindqvist drew her an elephant holding a little flower in its trunk, for having an original edition of his book Handling the Undead, was priceless!

There was much drinking of alcohol spread out over the weekend, not least of all at the free bar on Friday night, and the free wine at various book launches throughout the weekend. Thankfully, by Saturday the book launch organisers had used some common sense and moved on to tea and coffee on various launches. Good job, too. Brian Lumley trying to read The Thief Immortal while slightly drunk was highly amusing, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

Other highlights included the Ghost Walk of the Lanes with Silas; fisherman’s friend vodka shots from the Northern Lights Norwegian bar; buying shiny new books launched at the event; Ramsey Campbell reading ghost stories until midnight; a late night screening of Let The Right One In with a Q&A session beforehand with the author; the mass autographing; Neil Gaiman becoming the surprise star of the show when he dropped in to interview James Herbert, and then be interviewed himself later in the afternoon by Kim Newman; meeting Neil Gaiman and getting him to sign various books; the Stokers awards ceremony on the Pier; various walks through the town and on the pier with Claire; a pretty damn good Italian meal from Donatellos on the first night we were there; and, by no means least, the massively brilliant selection of books we each came home with. Most of which were free…


That’s them. I only actually bought the four on the far right, which have a value of about £60 (though we were paying trade prices, so saving a few pounds). The pocket programme, the Brighton Shock! souvenir book, and the red hardcover half buried at the bottom, are all priceless. Literally, because they are limited editions.

That red one I am most proud of, this is the actual cover artwork:


… and the official number page inside:


Claire got a paperback version of this book, but got a limited, signed edition of a Ramsey Campbell book, so everyone got something special to take home with them. Not bad for a goodie bag, is it?

What did I get out of the weekend? Well, I’ve now joined the British Fantasy Society, for a start. I’ve got plenty of reading material. I met a few people from Twitter, and found (unfortunately, not until after the convention) several more people on Twitter who were there. How I missed some of them, I don’t know. I got a lot of inspiration in a multitude of ways to keep writing. I’m glad of that, I do feel like my writing muse had somehow deserted me in recent months.

Above all, I spent the weekend in the company of a lot of awesome people. I’d especially like to mention Claire, who had to put up with sharing a room with me for the entire weekend. I don’t *think* she’s lost her sanity as a result…

And, okay, yes I did blather on about WHC2010 loads. Deal with it.