It seems an eternity since I’ve blogged here. Seriously, when was the last time I opened up my mouth while I was here? I’ve read all the recent blog posts, I think. Most of them, at least. I can’t really remember very much about what I read online, largely due to the fact that I tend to be doing three other things on my laptop at the same time.

Anyway, during my absense of unquantified length, I managed to get Poetry Against Cancer released (with much thanks to my cousin Rachel, who pretty much did all the design work – if I had been left to do all that and get the file ready for upload, it would have taken about six months longer than it did!). The “official release date” was March 23rd 2010.

As you can imagine, I was quite excited when two dozen copies of the book arrived at my house. And can I say, it looks amazing! I’ve read the poems several times already, so I wasn’t too pushed to read them all again, but to see them in the book, in a finished, paperback book, was a fantastic experience! And knowing that all the money from the books was going to St John’s Ward at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital was even better! For those of you who don’t know, St John’s is the Oncology and Haemotology ward at OLCH, hence the title of the book.

The book is available for purchase now on And to make things better – if you order before April 6th, and use the coupon code EASTER you get 20% off your order! (possibly just off the price of the book – I’m not sure, this is a thing). I insist that you take advantage of this offer and help St John’s at the same time! 😉

In other news, I’ve had a few questionnaire/interview type things to fill in. One of them was an interview that will be posted on Tuesday by our very own Amy (on her own blog, I might add – The other was for Battlefront – you know, that TV show Rachel Phipps was on last year? Well, I’ve submitted the Literary Den campaign to it, and as a result of some factor in it (possibly because it’s so different to what other people would submit), I was asked to fill in a questionnaire to help the producers make up their minds!

Related to the campaign, I have my book club on YouTube ( in which I review YA books. Every month I have a different book for people to read. It started with Skulduggery Pleasant, a fantastic book by Irish author Derek Landy, which is being following by Lord Loss, by another Irish author, Darren Shan. I promise you, it’s not all Irish authors. I just had to plan these first books to be ones I had time to read – Skulduggery could be read because I had a break in February, but the next couple of books will be something of a bother because I have exams in May. Hence, I’ve already read them. They’re there for the purposes of keeping the project going, even when I can’t read the books at the same time as everyone else.

The book club is one of the ideas for Battlefront, but it’s also something I’d wanted to do before I knew I had to fill in a questionnaire. What I’m hoping for is that I can expand on the idea and open it up to more than just YA / children’s books. For that, though, I need a second person, someone who’s able to read a book in a month and get a video review up about it, every month. The person also needs to have the books they’re going to read planned in advance, so that I can see what’s being read and state any problems I may or may not have with them. It’s not likely, but it’s just in case. Any takers?

And aside from watching all of Fringe Season 1 and a few movies, I haven’t been up to much else (well, college…) Of course, there’s a new episode of Doctor Who on tonight, and Heroes, AND Lost (the latter is a catch-up episode – missed it on Thursday and Friday, somehow.) So, there you have it. A blog post from a melted brain. Excuse me while I go refuel with tea, and possibly read a book…