Writing the blog today is a bit of a struggle. I think we might all feel the need to mention Jonny, and it’s hard to write a ‘normal’ blog after what’s happened. So I’ll do it first, before I go on to say other things that feel, well, trivial next to this. I worked with Jonny through the edit of his story for anthology 2. Aside from being a naturally talented writer, he was a gracious one. He accepted all my changes and suggestions applying to his story and made the necessary alterations without fuss or complaint. He would have gone on to make a great writer, I’m sure of it. He got on with it. He developed good ideas. He wrote. He listened and he didn’t take it personally and he improved on what he started out with until his story was the best it could be. That’s what writers do. Jonny was an asset to the Den, and I’m sure we’ll all miss him.


I’m going to save talking too much about what’s going on in my writing life till my next blog, mainly because not much is!! Jez is away filming in Spain, I’m at pains over the dreaded synopsis for book 2 and my agent just moved house with his heavily pregnant wife, so not much writerly stuff going on there. News on my agent’s first baby, which is due any time now, to follow!

What has happened is that I’ve been reading for The Glass Woman Prize. I’ve been reading and selecting entries to be put forward for the short list. The Glass Woman Prize is run by the lovely Beate who charges no entry fee and hands out a fairly large cash prize to the overall winner, quite unusual today when most short story contests will cost you anything up to £20 to enter. She’s been great to work with and I hope I can be involved in this prize again in the future. It’s been interesting reading the entries… for many reasons! Sorry guys, but this contest is only open to women.

The Glass Woman Prize closes for entries on 21st March, but do check the website for details of the next one


Also, one of my short stories is going to be among the first to be available for download at Accentuate Writers. This is an exciting development and it will be interesting to see how it works. I’ll post more about that when I have an update and details of the downloads. Actually, I’d be interested to hear what people think about the idea of downloading stories to read for a small fee (about 50p I think), so please, do tell.