The only downside about meeting for the first time people you’ve made friends with online, is the awkwardness of actually talking to each other. Y’know, without the computer screen, a few lines of text and a heavily posed avatar between you to hide behind. It’s rather odd, really.

I’d offered fellow LitDenner Claire first refusal for being my roommate at World Horror Con 2010, but I figured at least meeting each other beforehand might be a good idea. So, Claire somehow said yes to going with me to the HIM gig on Sunday night. (I’ll talk about the gig itself over on my own blog, I’m trying to keep this one LitDen based).

I picked her up at the bottom of her road, and we headed off for the hour long trip to Manchester, talking a little in between me concentrating on not finding the quick way off Snake Pass. Blimey, that’s a bugger of a road in the dark. And yes, there are still large mounds of snow beside the road. Yikes.

It wasn’t really until after the gig, that we stopped in a pub near to the car park (can’t remember the name of it, but it began with P. Palladium? Paradiso? Nope, can’t think…) and got talking a little more, about the Den and writing and such things.

Claire admits, like me, she hasn’t written anything properly for a good few months. I’m extremely glad to know I’m not the only one then. Perhaps it’s a form of writers’ Seasonal Affective Disorder? Our muses may return come the warm summer months.

I was really happy when Claire mentioned the Anthology, that she’d picked it up the other day and looked through it, feeling a sense of pride that it ended up looking so professional and well designed. I reminded her playfully that it was all her fault, and she grinned. I think she might even have blushed just a little bit.

She is right, it is wonderful to pick it up every now and then. I’ll be really glad to get the second volume finished and printed, and see them side by side on my book shelf.

Talking about the Anthology led on from from talking about Jonny Havron. Followers of the Den will know that Jonny , an eighteen-year-old writer from York, and fellow LitDenner, sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago, having fallen into the River Ouse after a night out drinking with friends. The next Anthology will be dedicated to his memory, and I will contact his mother to make sure we are still okay to publish his story in it.

I must admit, it felt really poignant reading his story again, knowing he’ll never get to see it in print. So sad.

So, Sunday night was pretty cool. I got to meet our own wascally wabbit, which was awesome. I think (despite the initial awkwardness) we got on well, and I’m really looking forward to World Horror Con.

I just hope Claire realises that, whenever I’m involved, the best laid plans gang aft agley, as the old poem goes. Ah well, it should be fun, if nothing else!