Last time I blogged I mentioned that I and a friend are going to the World Horror Convention in Brighton this year. Well, I might as well reveal that it is our very own Rocket Rabbit, Claire Hack who shall be accompanying me to this weekend of celebration of all things dark and macabre in the writing world. Originally a friend of mine from work was going, but he had to pull out, so I offered Claire first refusal, and she didn’t refuse!

It’s looking to be an awesome weekend, with such great names in horror fiction as Tanith Lee, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Lumley, James Herbert, to name but a few. The full list can be found here… (including myself and Miss Hack *jigs with excitement*).

It is highly likely that this will be an expensive weekend, of not only meeting many writers and agents, but artists as well. There will also be some opportunity for various levels of drunken debauchery, and general merry-making with an amazing group of writers and artists. There is a dealers’ room on throughout the weekend, which (combined with prices of food and booze Dahn Sarth) will no doubt put holes in our pockets. But I don’t think either of us will be complaining overly much.

I am so stoked to be going, it’s unbelievable!

I am really glad that Claire is going too, I had a thought that she might jump at the chance, and I was right. Gonna be an awesome weekend!

I have a Cunning Plan that will involve lots of twitter updates, blogging and maybe even some vlogging on YouTube if I get really brave, during the weekend. It may well be that it is so event packed, I don’t get chance to do any of the above. But that’s the Cunning Plan. Hopefully we’ll both come back with armfuls of goodies and suchlike, and plenty of stories to tell.

One month, and two days, to go!