I suppose this post could also go on my own personal blog, as these are my own goals for the year, but a few are LitDen related. Besides, I couldn’t actually think of anything creative to post up here this week. Brain seems to have shrivelled up. I’ve rented Terminator Salvation through iTunes, so I’ve just time for me to hammer this post out while it downloads.

What do I have planned for the Year Ahead? In no particular order:

My birthday. Bit of an no-brainer, but this one is a sort of milestone. I shall be thirty come 20th October. As such I intend there to be much merriment and frivolity and drinking of alcoholic beverages, if only to detract my attention from the fact that I’m finally starting to get old. Or at least grow up, or something like that.

A few more rock gigs. I’ve already been to see Evile (my second favourite band in the whole wide world), play at Rios in Leeds. They played a damn good set (despite Ben destroying his kit halfway through) and were ably supported by The Fading and Warbringer. Machine Head are playing O2 Academy later this month, and I’m being coerced into going by my workmate Lee. He’s right, it will be an awesome gig not to be missed. I’m just thinking of the bruises.

I’ve already got tickets to go see HIM (my all-time favourite band in the whole wide world) when they play Manchester Academy on March 14th. I have two tickets (long, sore-point story) but I already know who I would like to go with me. I just haven’t actually asked her properly, yet.

A proper holiday with my parents, rather than just a two day excursion, would be nice. Probably Scarborough or Whitby, though Mum would love to go to Tenby and Pembroke Dock in Wales (her old stomping grounds).

At some point, I still have the LitDen Anthology II to get sorted. I admit, the last few weeks I’ve lost all heart in it and have shelved it. The formatting problems have been driving me batty, so I’ve decided to leave it for a while, take a break from it. When my head has cleared a bit, I’ll probably be able to pick it up, sort it within a few days, and we’ll be rolling again. As such, I’m going to adjust the title to “The Literary Den Anthology of New Fiction Volume II”.

I’d also like to get started on beating up interest in a third, even bigger anthology. Yes, I know, I’m a glutton for punishment. But I’m not going to be beaten by it, we shall make it a regular occurrence. Even if it kills me. I’ve already idea for the third Anthology, perhaps having a themed version. But more on that in a future post. I’ve still got to finish number 2 yet.

I need to move my bedroom round. Odd one I know, but there is method in my madness. As some of you know, I live in my parents’ attic. It only has a small Velux skylight for natural illumination, and current energy saving bulbs are crap. I work a lot up there (my desk and my writing chair are up there). But, the way it is laid out, with the bed at the far end, the desk beside the stairwell, and all my previously acquired junk spread around the rest of the room, my wardrobe inhabits the space where the best light falls. I want to get my desk to this space, but first I’ll have to completely blitz the room, and then do a shuffle. It’s gonna be painful. And probably dusty, actually.

On that thought, I could actually do with a new desk and chair, but they are both “would like’s” rather than “must have’s”.

And finally, and this is the biggie, will be World Horror Convention in March. A friend and I are heading down to Brighton for four days of hob-nobbing and networking with a plethora of some of the world’s best horror and fantasy writers. Go look at the website for more details (click the link above) and see how awesome it is gonna be! I can’t wait, I’m really looking forward to it. It should be the highlight of 2010, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will, of course, be tweeting and blogging while we’re down there, so you can all share in some way the wonder of the event.

And that’s all that springs to mind for now. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more things to do, but those are what I’m looking forward to the most for now.