Hello all. It’s finally my actual turn again. I don’t know how I lost it before (I know the technicalities, just not how the date vanished…) Anyway, I come to you today with two things, which features more things in them. Let’s begin, shall we?

The first is Doctor Haik-Who. This is my own name for Haiku about Doctor Who. I first started writing it a week ago, and in the past few days have taken up the idea again and have been writing a lot. This is what happens to me in winter, I suppose. I lose the fiction drive and pick up some form of poetry. I kid you not – this exact thing happened winter too (though admittedly without the creation of my own sub-genre of poetry).

On my own blog, I posted a selection of Doctor Haik-Who, and discussed my thoughts for the future of them. Basically, assuming the BBC allow it, I’ll be putting together a book. The title, I hear you ask?

The Doctor Haik-Who:
A collection of Haiku
Inspired by the show

I keep wondering if maybe I need some sort of petition to convince the BBC the idea is good and they should let me go with it. People on Twitter and readers of the blog (actually, they’re the same people…) seem to like the idea, someone even calling it a “unique and creative idea”. I want your response to this – should the book go ahead?

Anyway, while you’re making up your mind, I’ll give you a few sneak previews of what’s in store (these aren’t on my own blog!)

The Darkness

The neverending,
Life-consuming thing of death:
The Void, the Darkness.

The Ninth Doctor

One frightened blonde girl,
One large-earred, whacky Doctor,
Worlds’ of adventure.


The drums toll daily,
Thumping, thudding and constant;
A Time Lord’s heartbeat.

Outside of this little world of fan writing (sudden thought: why does it always come down to fan writing on this blog?), I’ve got a giveaway for you, the valuable reader.

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Deadline: Feb 10th 2010

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And with that done, I bid you adieu. I look forward to seeing your responses to Doctor Haik-Who and to seeing which are your favourite children’s books!
All my very best wishes,
Paul C.