I have a firm and unchanging belief in Time. Yes, with a capital ‘t’ too. I blame it for everything that goes wrong… well, not everything, but usually I end up saying things like, “Time got away from me,” or “I ran out of Time.” Time is therefore a creature and a place at the same time. Funny…

Anyway, I noticed that we’re coming up to Christmas. Odd, I know. How did that happen? It must have been Time. And you know, I imagined I’d be able to do a lot more now that I’m on a break from college, but no. I have no Time. Now it’s a object, a possession. Alas, I seem to be lacking in it. I suppose my extra hours at work don’t help tha cause, but I really didn’t see Christmas sneak up on us this year. I mean, we had the X-Factor and all those other shows occupying so many nights that by the time Christmas comes, we barely realise.

Sorry, this blog is a mad tangent of thoughts… See, I’ve been off college for a whole week now, and I’ve only done one thing, and that was completely unplanned (ice skating… first time – great, now Time is also an event – I fell over). Now I have two and a half weeks left off, but I’m working one of them, so I’ve one and a half weeks off. But I’ll be tired/busy for a week, so I have about three days off. That’s no time at all!

I meant to do so much over this break. I meant to do some editing work, lots of reading, lots of writing… I have about 1500 words to my name, about 50 pages of reading and no editing of my book done. What a wasted week! Time escaped me again, the nasty bugger!

Anyway, on the subject of Time… it tends to require change, and the Den forum’s have been very much the same for a few months now. Unfortunately, this is a dull, or even errie, silence. No one is talking. And it looks the same as it did way back when, when it was first set up. It needs a change, and it needs active participation from people.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t signed up and chatted, please do. Reignite that old passion for literature and talking in the forums. All it takes is one active newbie to start things off. Just one person can change everything (just ask the others! When Lisa popped on, we all started talking again!)

Also, don’t waste your precious Time. It’s valuable these days. (and in case I don’t get on, have a great Christmas, or whatever it is you’re celebrating this time of the year)