Down to the last 50 pages on the edit for novel 2, nearly there now….

Trying to write novel 3 … and failing mostly

Meeting Jez for cups of tea and talking about films … but not so much about the script, which we should be talking about …

Going to gigs.

Going to some more gigs 🙂

Reading God’s Own Country by Ross Raisin and finding my own Yorkshire accent become broader with each page turned… sithee!

Listening to Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit

Receiving ridiculously small cheques (I mean the amount on them obviously, not the actual size of the cheques) from magazines I have lately written for

Finding art and designs at Leeds based collective NousVous and liking it a lot

Watching True Blood

Still waiting on a website I’m supposed to be writing for to get its arse up and running

Watching Fringe

Saddened by the news about Borders and already bemoaning the loss of the Dundee store

Eating mince pies

Drinking tea