Writers are known for plugging. At least, I am. Me, and a few others. Today, I’m going to give you a prime example of that, in hopefully three minutes or less (I have no Internet currently, so I’m spending valuable change on the Internet…)

You may recall Paul B mentioning that he’s trying to write a poem about his siter for a book for a cancer ward – well, I’m the one ordganising said book, along with my friend Sophie. The project, entitled Poetry Against Cancer, aims to raise money for St John’s Ward, Ireland’s only children’s cancer ward. But we need your help. The book isn’t getting as many submissions as I’d like it to.

Please contribute. See, I’m begging now.

More details can be found here: http://poetryagainstcancer.wordpress.com – we also have a Facebook page, but I don’t know the link for that off by heart…

And that’s just over three minutes. Thanks!