Ok, first of all, i just want to apologise for my prolonged absence from the forum lately, university life has been a tad more time consuming than i ever imagined it to be.

Basically, at the moment i feel completey lost, I haven’t written much since the summer and i stupidly decided to leave all my assignments until the last minute. I have three legal essays due this week and i’ve only done one of them. I absolutely love my course, but college has turned me into a lazy worker. Throughout 6th year i would be doing my homework, studying for my exams and writing up to 3,000 words every day, and that was fine, but lately i’ve been unable to motivate myself. I’m not sure why, i think maybe lack of pressure has something to do with it. I’ve done the leaving cert and  it just doesn’t feel like i have anything ‘important’ to work towards, apart from my degree, but the level of degree you get is only determined my your final year grades. I’m starting to become one of those people who are just happy to cruise along in life and never push themselves to achieve, and i’m shocked by it.

I’ve taken to the social life in college quite well, I made it onto the sailing team, i’ve joined a few clubs and socs and all the people on my course are fantastic. I’m exactly where i want to be in life, i’m in college!

As you may have guessed, i really don’t have anything to say in this blog. I just wanted to make an appearance and i will try my best to return to a more active member, once i get these assignments out of the way. I think once the anthology is published i’ll have something to spark my writing again so i’m excited about that. I can’t wait for the t-shirts, and Ireland is pretty much flooded at the moment which is exciting, for me, cause i live on a hill haha. Anyway, sorry for this complete waste of time, but i am a bit ‘tipsy’ right now and realised that it’s my turn to blog.