WP recently announced the ability to update a Twitter account directly from WP whenever you post a blog entry. I’m impressed by this, as the current system to announce blog posts, Twitter Feed, often suffers from a serious lag whenever Twitter is busy.

I’ve tested the WP announcement, and it is much faster and more reliable. So I set our blog to use it, and left it to run. Or so I thought.

Then I read the instructions, and found out that I’ve only set it up for my own posts. So, you’ll all need to do the following:

Log in to WP, go to your Dashboard, and click on My Blogs.

Along the line for the LitDen blog, under the heading Publicize (yes, I know, it’s an American site…) you should see a checkbox for Twitter. Click the tickbox, and then click the link to authorise Twitter for use with WP.

Log in to Twitter, and click authorise.

This will link any posts you put on the blog to an announcement on Twitter. Then, go back to your most recent post, and click on Edit it. To the right hand side, under Publicize, make sure the Twitter box is checked. Underneath this, you can enter your own version of the announcement message. I’ve used Posted to our blog: (blog title) (blog link generated by wp.me) so far, but everyone can personalise this how they wish.

(On a side note, Paul’s and Amy have an announcement, and accompanying wp.me shortened URL, because I’m setup for the Twitter updates, and did this for their last posts. You two will still have to go through the above to enable this full time for your future posts.)

Paul C will email everyone with the LitDen’s Twitter account details, so you can log in and set it up.

(Of course, this will all fail when we find out that Twitter will only one of us link the WP account through, so please, first person to try this, let me know in a comment below. If it all goes tits up, I’ll have a rethink.)