Get home from DDJ/school/college/university. Make tea/coffee/sandwiches as necessary. Open notebook, turn computer on. Read blogs, emails, sites of interest.

Clear head, take a deep breath, and begin.

Create a new world. Fill it with cities, teeming with billions of fascinating people. Give it a king and a queen in a vast palace. Tell their story, their history, their legends. Maybe even add a few myths, for good measure. Watch the world grow, evolve, thrive. Destroy it in a great cataclysm.

Captain a starship and kill aliens and save worlds. Pilot a fighter jet and a lumbering ocean liner. Soar above mountains, dive the deepest oceans. Tackle giant squid and fend off the bite of the great white shark. Pluck a feather from an eagle, and stroke its young before escaping. Never suffer a scratch.

Fight trolls and orcs and goblins, and make love to elves beneath the trees while fairies watch and dance. Hold court with witches and wizards, and lead brave knights to their deaths in glorious battle. Put the heads of enemies on stakes, and hold them high.

Hunt a vampire at night, watching in silence as it caresses the throat of a beautiful young girl, ready to bite into her flesh and drink her blood. Hammer a wooden stake through the vampire’s heart, cut off its head. Then hurry the young girl away to safety, warn her not to walk alone at midnight.

Flirt with the sexiest rock chicks. Play the fastest guitar, the heaviest bass. Dance the busiest club into the night, and into the morning. Drink friends under the table, then join them there to sleep it off. Wake up naked with a girl whose name you never asked, bring her off till she lies writhing and moaning and then leave her, gasping for more, wondering who you are. Don’t look back when you leave the room.

Seek revenge, wreak havoc on the masses. Bring meteoric justice down on those who deserve it. Then break into that house, and steal all its riches. Drive the getaway car, and burn it in the woods. Murder the man who tries to stop you, rape his wife. Chain his teenagers together in a perverse agony of incestuous ecstasy. Eat the littlest children for breakfast. Save one for the journey home if you wish.

Chat to friends, email editors. Text that interesting lass, invite her for a drink on Friday. Leave note to self: must iron shirt. Log in to the LitDen Forum. Read new threads, answer posts where appropriate. Feed the giant hamster in the Forum’s basement, ensuring not to get too close. Check the generator is working, and that the Forum is running smoothly. Switch off the lights as you close the door, but don’t go back in if you see movement out of the corner of your eye. Odd creatures lurk down here in the cellar; they will sew your skin into their clothes if they catch you.

Chase gremlins out of the computer, leave a corner of a sandwich for the forgotten soul that lives under the bed. Don’t leave the wardrobe door open again, you know the old ghost likes to slam it while you are fast asleep.

Turn the computer off, close the notepad. Pour a glass of wine, open a can of beer. Settle down with a good book, and doze off. Wake up with a start, turn the light off, and then snuggle down to dream about monsters and dragons and stars and the universe. Don’t forget to set the alarm clock, though.

Sleep, and dream up a brilliant idea for another story. Wake, bleary eyed, and hastily scribble it in the notepad. Try to get back to sleep before the alarm clock goes off, raising you from your slumber for another day’s slog at the old DDJ/college/school/university.